Friday, June 2, 2023

Again and again

(2654)  Bare bare asiyachi tomare khunjiyachi

Repeatedly I am coming, searching for You;
Far away, Lord, You have gone on staying.
All the lowly actions, any hatred, fear, and shame
You have kept my eyes surrounding;
Was it so Yourself I did not see?

In splendor You are coming, on a cirrus You've departed;
To beauty You are yielding, at laughter You have fallen.
I had been unmindful, in blind-attachment deeps.

Within mind having peeked furtively,
Myself You have told understandingly:
With the wares of love ever You accompany;
Momentarily I failed to see, I did not hear.

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  1. This time I got distracted - did not notice Your ice-cream truck - but graciously You grant another chance.