Saturday, June 24, 2023

What is it about this world that draws me here?

(2679)  Sukhe duhkhe ami tomay bhalabasi

I am in love with You in sorrow and in happiness;
For You I laugh and lament.
You are my dark bosom's gem,
The moon afloat upon mind's firmament.

I know not in which age of yore You'd appeared,
Making bright a new Creation's dawning.
Even still that splendor, it drifts on unfading,
Razing the entire temporal impediment.

In the One are many, of many You're a compilation;
Taking the many along is this Your world.
Mixed with light and darkness, You've stayed loving;
I arrive racing, drawn time and again.

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  1. I come because I know You're in it; You are ever everything.