Monday, June 5, 2023

Into mind we must go

(2658)  Tomare peyechi pranera pradiipe

By heart's lantern I've found Thee
In the mind's sweet honeybee
On cloudy night's cadamba tree.
As much as I've sought outward,
That much I've been discouraged.
I did not gain by decorated altar,
With golden lamps of ghee.

On Earth I've come time and again,
Your quest to make...
Not once did You grant embrace–
Hard to grasp, Lord, is Your game.
Today, the mind You entered stealthily.

I talk about Your wish,
Go on singing Your panegyric;
From the path I deviate never.
I stay absorbed in meditation, telling beads.

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  1. By external ventures we don't find Him; with right attitude He might approach.