Saturday, August 6, 2022

One without a second

(2353)  Bhuvane bholale manke raunale

The world You enticed, mind You made bright;
Unparalleled, Peerless One.
Everyone wants to receive You in their heart;
Sweetest One, You are the Sweetest One.

With moon and star, with nebula of faraway location,
And with the person close at hand mid ocular fog,
You are with everyone, You dance in rhythm and beat,
Dearest, Dearest, Dearest One.

Your light flashes in a mental room studded with gems,
Mid thunderbolts with aerolites, tempests with strong winds.
You smile in floral pollen, everybody holds You dear;
You are my Deity, my Intimate Lord,
Nearest, Nearest One.

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  1. You are my Deity, my one true Lord, Unrivaled Person I adore.