Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Next time may I bid You welcome

(2752)  Na bale ele na bale gele

Not telling, You arrived; not telling, went away.
You'd been in what artifice of game, I can't fathom.
Kindly come with intimation, welcome I did not proclaim;
Master, I failed to keep open psyche's door.

You hammered on a fastened gate;
Instantly, a deathlike sleep You did break.
"Awake, the night has gone!", You declared;
Though recognizing, You I knew not upon that occasion.

Ever You keep summoning everybody;
Some get to hear that, some do not succeed.
Through Your compassion, the darkness disappears;
Even in a dream this I never thought.

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  1. One more chance I implore. And maybe by Your grace, the mind won't be closed off.