Saturday, September 9, 2023

Such a tease

(2755)  Vishva vyapiya raye gecho prabhu

You've gone on pervading the world, Lord;
Searching, I don't find, please say why,
Do say why.
Though You're filling both the atom and cosmos;
It seems as if You're far aside.

On Your mental firmament, I'm an atom trifling,
Like a bubble on the ocean, I concede.
Having come from You, in You am I installed;
Know that finally to You I'll go and unite.

In light and darkness, at sunset and at dawn;
Looking to the front, on Your path I walk.
Absent You, there is not a place for me;
This I heed, and You agree.

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  1. One day the two of us will be one, so why do You seem far from me?