Friday, September 22, 2023

The catch

(2768)  Jeneshunei bhul karecho

Purposely You have blundered;
My home You've departed.
In this cavern, become dark,
My lamp You've ignited.

Day and night I had called–
So much jasmine, dropped at dawn.
A heart set aflutter by windstorm,
Oh have You forgotten?
On eyelids damp today is alertness;
You have smiled with effulgence.

I'd been knowing You remain distant;
Just staying afar, to proximity You summon.
Only from remote, You coat with love's pollen;
imperceptibly You gambol.
But today, my mistake and my serenity,
Their removal You have granted.

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  1. To light a lamp He strikes a match. He tolerates no complacent arrogance.