Saturday, September 23, 2023

Even when I'm missing Thee

(2769)  Tomari patha ceye tomari bhavana niye

Thinking of You only, watching just Your pathway,
I have been waiting, Dear, in hopeful yearning.
You alone are my delight, a love-filled song;
Catching just Your flow, my psyche goes racing.

Neath the light of day and in ebon of Your night,
Ever-new perception in tune and jingling do I find.
Amid blooms in varied hues on a swollen river's bank,
A psychic garland sways with feeling honey-smeared.

I have come to this world, Lord, time and again;
Of millions of me-like atoms You are the aggregate.
On my mental firmament, Your compassion sails;
With dance-significance, cadence and sweetness appear.

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