Thursday, November 16, 2023

The seasons reel

(2824)  Varasamukhar rate daminiir damakete

On a rain-loud night with lightning flashes,
Slumber rent, mind sails off to some unknown sphere.
Far is veiled in darkness, nearby can't be seen;
Seated in that habitat, through song I've longed for Thee.

Cloud after cloud has kept oozing without finish;
Earth's every color, water-masses, they have covered.
With the rains' arrival, a frog's call has persisted;
Over everyone, in heaven You keep smiling.

Lord, of Your any sport there's no termination;
Through form and color, You bring everybody's evolution.
Breaking sleep of ignorance, You open gates of cognition;
A delight each moment, with what maya You keep dancing?

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