Sunday, March 5, 2023

Focused let me be

(2564)  Tumi sakal praner priya

You are the Darling of every heart;
In the world, one without second.
Ridding mental darkness and earth's fog,
Please remove ignorance with the stick of knowledge.

In Creation's flow, so many ages have gone by;
So many stars have fallen untold times!
Many goings and arrivals, many the tears and the smiles
Lie in dust of Your feet, hey Lord to be worshiped.

So many gloomy nights and moonbeams,
Many rivers of glee, many streams of misery,
Many ways to get glum face, and so much desire–
Around You alone they dance, hey the One to be remembered.

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  1. Scratch out my eyes for this world, and scratch them in again just for Thee.