Saturday, March 25, 2023

My personal Savior

(2584)  Vanamajhe giye patha hariye

Having lost my way going through the forest,
That evening I have cried;
And You perceive.
I've asked You to give me guidance;
I hold dear... that do You heed?

The moon had been concealed by tree-branches,
Like black clouds with brown and green foliage.
Out had gone the lantern-flame suffocating;
In the dark I call to You... and You hear!

You came and cast aside both leaves and branches;
The black clouds You set adrift on remote firmament.
Coming close, my hand You held;
Without hesitation, You protected me.

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  1. Is there a God? Will a Messiah come? I know that You are ever with me, my Lord Protector.