Wednesday, July 1, 2015


(296)  Prabhu tomara parash

Lord, Your divine touch
On my insight has given rise to high tide.
Throughout the universe, Your delight
Has brought a heavenly splendor.

When I gaze into the great blue yonder,
In the gentle breeze of mind's springtime,
Apart from You there is nothing at all.
Today, I want not what once I desired;
In Thee everything has dissolved.

My mental secrets, my private garden—
All that I've kept concealed—
Out of love for You and in Your new melody,
I've lavished that on the world.
Today, in exchange for all, I've found You;
I've seen the quintessence is only Thee.

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  1. To the devotee, Krsna is not just the main attraction; He is the only attraction.