Saturday, July 18, 2015


(304)  Tomakei ami bhalabasiyachi, kena basiyachi jani na

I am loving only Thee;
Why I feel so, I don't know.
Your way, I chose to follow;
Why I did so, I can't conceive.

My eyes, looking for You day and night,
They keep gazing toward the path.
My mind, to remember You in virtue and in vice,
Ever and always it remains vigilant.
Come into my mind while awake and while asleep;
None other than You do I heed.

However high the waves that appear,
However deep the hardships that befall,
I will carry on, overcoming all.
I don't want anything but Thee.

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  1. At the height of devotion, He is not just the main attraction– He is the only attraction. And that attraction is without rhyme or reason.