Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Eight brothers

(303)  Rajar kumar paksiiraje

The crown prince seated on a bird,
Where has he gone on heavenly flight?
The gold-embroidered blue turban
Tied round his head has passed out of sight.

Seven champa brothers came back, asking,[1]
"Our dear sister, where has she gone?
Sister Parul,[2] where can she be?"

The crown prince, seated on a bird,
Delivered sister Parul;
To her brothers he delivered.

Seven champa brothers on their seven seats,
With seven plates they sat eating.
With them the royal prince they brought;
And on their foreheads, sister Parul
Applied there a Brothers' Day[3] phota.

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  1. Baba adds a key character to a classic story, imbuing it with layers upon layers of meaning it never had before.