Monday, January 22, 2018

Surprise visit

(69)  Ke ele na bale ele

Who are You Who came, came undemanded?
Rousing from deep slumber, issued was the summons...
Issued was the summons, issued was the summons.

Moving gracefully on restless winds,
Sung was the song of complete attainment...
The song was sung, issued was the summons.

In the sky is the sun, underfoot the Earth;
The trumpets have resounded, noisy are the streets.
Staying asleep and wasting time in weeping–
The lethargy has been forgotten...
It has been forgotten, issued was the summons.

Toward yonder stream of splendor–
With rhythm, song, and dance–
The path of progress was steered...
The path was steered, issued was the summons.

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  1. No one commands Him; rather, He commands everyone. He does not move per anyone's will; the whole universe moves per His whim. Though we pray for His coming, we are not just graced but amazed when it happens. And because He came, the world has changed.