Wednesday, January 3, 2018

He is our joy

(51)  Madhukar vane spandana ene

A shake came in mahuwa garden mine;
The Lord of Light arrived...
He did arrive, oh, He arrived.

Amid the countless forms and flows of life,
Shining bright, He arrived;
He did arrive, oh, He arrived.

It's not the time for idly weeping,
Nor the day for breaking journey.
All the sorrow, all the wailing,
He made me forget today...
Carefreeness He gave, He gave.

There is no waste of energy;
My blood, it sways in action's swing.
Viewing all sides, sweetness of psyche,
It's gone racing toward infinity...
Rushing forth, it speeds, it speeds.

With lamp of life and heart's neep,
He took from me everything...
My all He seized, He seized.

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