Monday, November 26, 2018

Lower the drawbridge

(1169)  Ami chinu base balukabelay

I had been sitting on a sandy beach,
Pondering Thee on shore of ascension's sea.
In high dudgeon, You had been
In who-knows-what distant country...
Was it in a remote niche of psyche?
Tell me, tell me please.

Then, a flight of geese, their wings outspread,
Had flown off to some far-flung realm,
Where ocean meets the heavens.
In flower-garlands, essence of sweet scent
Had danced with exuberance
In hope of Your attainment.

I've not kept in mind days' reckoning,
Auspicious dates are not within my memory...
Never was the journal made in writing.
Unexpected Guest, when last You were seen,
Was it on shore of declension's sea?
How does Agastya cross the mountain peak?

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