Tuesday, January 26, 2021

My love cannot be stymied

(1822)  Bhalo basi ami priya

Darling, I hold You dear,
Though I perceive, fondness You don't feel.
Of the reason for my love I know almost nothing,
But toward You I can't be unloving.

A bloom does not know why for it the bee yearns;
And a bee does not know that sweet scent inviting it.
In the fancy of a fickle heart effusive,
Longing surpasses both logic and reasoning.

Such as I comprehend, to that extent I cogitate;
But though I don't know You, I chase only You always.
This same mad pursuit is owing to what You give straight;
So with psyche, please don't make duplicity.

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  1. I know You don't feel the same, but please don't dissimulate. Your allure is Your true nature.