Friday, January 8, 2021

Be it I, or be it He

(1804)  Viithikay cala kale je giitika geye gele

While walking on the road that song you went on singing,
Even now she has remained within psyche.
That creeper of love, even though she's momentary,
Still today, in mind she has gone on swaying.

In your song had blossomed a flower;
With a dot of golden light was the kumkum it had worn.
But sleep had snatched the enraptured grandeur;
The heart had been overpowered.

Days pass, moments pass... time belongs to no one;
With their hopes and despairs, acquaintance gets established.
But in their smiles and tears, a line stays in memory flashes;
Upon history, who had engraved it?

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