Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Hey there

(1727)  Alor sarita beye

Having plied a stream of light
And on a breeze having hied,
Hey You, pilgrim of which odd type,
Singing songs have You passed by?

Any impediment You never heed,
For not a thing do You cease,
Naught but love do You perceive...
You proceed, in whose direction gazing?

Of Your pathway there's no closure,
Nor aversion, fear, or demur.
Hence, at everyone's fore,
You have been shielding the world.

A start, end, or middle is not there;
We fail to cling with words of eulogy.
Stricken dumb we just go on musing...
By giving what will we be pleasing Thee?

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  1. I am here; please pause for me... or at least let me go with Thee.