Thursday, October 8, 2020

I had a strategy

(1721)  Maner gahane dake ke

Who calls from alcove of psyche?
I don't know; Him I don't recognize.
In gaps of my thought He calls most privately;
But I don't comprehend– I don't fathom why.

As much as I imagine I won't give reply to Him
However much He may call moment after moment,
However much He emits in many light-flashes,
Still that flow of luster, it is known not.

That summoning of His, there is no end to it...
With tempo, tune, and beat, it is full of sweetness;
And even though it be unknown, psyche gets vanquished...
To understand the mind, one simply cannot.

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  1. But my plans came to naught... oh Mystery, I concede defeat.