Wednesday, June 15, 2016


(527)  Tumi jeo na tumi jeo na

Don't You leave, no, don't You leave;
Please don't go far away from me.
My heart won't yield, no, it won't yield;
To be home alone, my heart won't agree.

A honeybee cannot help but hum
On thinking of just a blossom.
A waterfall dances as downward it speeds;
It discerns nothing, nothing but sea.

A thunderbolt descends with a roar;
It wants to penetrate the earth's core.
And even a cloud in distant sky yearns for
A pleasant particle of surface dust.[1]

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  1. Devotees and the Lord are drawn to each other like iron filings to a magnet. Though the attractive force of one is far greater, the attraction is mutual.