Thursday, June 30, 2016


(542)  Ami dur niilimar balaka

I am a swan[1] of yon azure;
All of the news from very far—
It is coursing through me
And inscribed upon my feathers.

On a dreamy night by the moon's light,
I ascend into blue sky.
When flowers laugh in a heavy wind,
It's with their grin I make connection.
Never do I lose my way,
For with me my Lord does remain,
A bosom friend in storms of dust and rain.

Across the heavens drifts a brilliant beauty;
In that lightstream I go on sailing.
Eyelids dark, on my flightpath there's no sleep;
Toward the nest I gaze continuously.
The One with Whom I am enamored,
It is He, Who is my co-traveler;
Unaccompanied am I never.

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