Thursday, June 2, 2016

Leap of faith

(516)  Je tomare cay toma pane cay

Those who long for You, who look to You,
Them why don't You see?
At darkest night and in bright morning,
Why do You keep mute?

On sky and sea, in light, in gloom,
A band of flowers, they have moved;
But many hundred-petaled loti[1] droop.
For the good of all, to be impartial,
Why not let Yourself be held?

With many colors, approaching silently,
Hopeful blossoms gaze toward Thee;
Neglected is much yearning.
In a soundless heaven keeping mum,
What is that lute You strum?

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  1. In silent meditation, devotees rush hopefully toward an uncertain destination and reception.