Friday, January 14, 2022

Only one place

(2144)  Aranye girishire khunje khunje tomare

Ever having sought Thee in forest, on mountain peak,
The day, it goes by; evening draws nigh.
You did not give reply, my words You did not hear;
What kind of heart is Yours cannot be divined.

I have sought in blossom, I have sought in nectar;
I have sought in every particle of pollen.
I found not anyplace, I could not apprehend;
You did not come and say where You reside.

To holy sites aplenty have I traveled;
I have bathed in many lakes and streams, and the ocean.
I did not find peace in mind through any immersion;
My heart unsatisfied, the eyes only cry.

Finally I've understood, mid psyche I've discovered;
In a mental pore have I seen a speck of Your luster.
In the midst of psyche only, finding You can happen;
Your ray of light, it flashes in a pristine mind.

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