Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Higher and higher

(1660)  Sagarbelay madhumekhalay

On bank of the sea with a honeyed girdle,
You did rock me in a love-filled cradle.
From Yourself to me there's a gentle breeze;
You have made it flow with a hymnal melody.

Bright that night thoroughly soppy–
A shining fleck of moonlight was there.
Privately, filling up the depths of psyche,
Was a coming-and-going of the honeybee.
You and I, for not a moment do we tarry;
We have risen to the stronghold of an unknown melody.

With expression unimpeded on a sky that's free,
In both heart and mind floats that sweet memory.
Still today I am here, and always You abide graciously;
Love's flower blossoms at each and every tier.

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