Thursday, August 20, 2020

Sweet and juicy

(1677)  Nece nece jay mukhapane cay

He proceeds, dancing, dancing... at the face he peers;
Do say what's the reason there is nothing in return...
Pray tell, what's the reason?
The mind he entices, but no word he utters;
In loveliness and amity, he is always lively.

Not a thing does he fancy;
A heart overflowing, he has been dispensing.
Constantly, with love-interest heart is filled;
At the fragrance, ever it gets restless.

There is nothing that he mentions;
He has kept on infusing an unspoken ideation.
Thought and its transcendence, only twixt the two he is,
With a juicy sweetness, intuition's blue lotus.

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  1. We can't see him, though he watches us; we must heed him, though he does not speak.