Tuesday, August 4, 2020

So now I dance in plain sight

(1661)  Niilakashe niiharika

A nebula on blue sky,
Sandal-coated and star-lined,
With Your lamp-black etched on eyes,
At no time alone am I.

Outside and in, as one they have become;
The peacock of psyche, its wings have opened up.
With fantail aquiver in converse sweetly pleasant,
Peacock-notes rise afloat on the enchanting raga.

Latch unbarred, it has come outdoors...
It was weeping, having been home-imprisoned.
Oh, the blossom that has gained Your touch;
Its nectar, does it ever remain hidden?

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  1. My ego has been pulverized. He has taken everything I'd thought was mine.