Sunday, September 19, 2021

Forever in Your debt

(2027)  Tumi acho amio achi

You exist, and I too exist;
In these three worlds there is no one else.
Only You have fetched, also You have kept;
Your grace I gain in life and in death.

Only Your touch I obtain neath the daybreak's light;
Through lotus and water lily wakens only Your delight.
Inside a desert You bring bounty green and succulent,
Like a pleasant dream, coated with sweetness.

On vast blue sky You caper with a flower's fragrance;
Unbodied in psychic niche, You drift akin to a dim hint.
Like a sedate lightning Your splendid beauty grins
For cosmic mind, both without and within.

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  1. Without You, where would I be, what would I see, in life and in death?