Thursday, September 9, 2021

Sometimes I feel abused

(2019)  Tu bhalabasis shudhu shune thaki

I keep hearing that You only love;
Why then do I see elsewise in practice?
I won't say it; those words I'll endorse no more.
I won't ignore, I won't ignore, I'll ignore no longer.

There are garlands strung, and there are floral clusters.
In my pockets are mahuwa; my basket is filled.
But I won't give to You, I won't give, I will give no longer.

Yonder the sun rises, came a dawn of many hues;
You are Whom I choose; if not to You where do I move?
When You are near, this mind of mine gambols;
Round You would be orbiting my world.

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  1. But maybe I am just confused. I simply can't stay miffed with You!