Saturday, September 11, 2021

My logic fails, so I abstain

(2021)  Tumi kakhan kii bhave

Hey You, when and to what mind-state,
Oh my Darling, You allow embrace?
Who knows the answer, who can say!
To logic, that's unlikely, even though
He Who Grants Liberation does so time and again.

On dry ground does the lotus ever blossom?
Mentally do bumblebees sing any song?
And yet if You but want it, clouds dense and dark,
They quickly rain, and ambrosia drops.

By Your desire is our attainment;
At our wish never be it gained.
This same thirst-and-acquisition, it's been going on
For ages beyond ages in myriad fashions.

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  1. When and whom He opts to liberate... at end of day, only He can say.