Sunday, September 5, 2021

Absent You I'm destitute

(2015)  Aloker jatrapathe

Upon light's journey,
Day and night please stay with me.
Master, I'm alone and helpless;
Two arms extending, I beseech Your mercy.

In happiness, please enter my dwelling;
Full of love, I will appease.
In my sorrow also, stay not far away;
My humble fare, it is for Your sake.
A lamp in my dark home, kindly ignite.

With You afar, in worldliness I get lost;
With You surrounding, myself I discover.
I laugh and cry, I sing Your songs;
In thoughts of You I stay absorbed.
To You I proffer a thousand prostrations.

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  1. In the final analysis, the fact is: I just can't make it without You.