Saturday, December 18, 2021

Onward with Him to victory

(2119)  Bhul bheunge geche nishana mileche

Blunder has got broken, aim has been ascertained;
Just now come on, let us proceed.
Upon roads right or wrong, with us has He remained;
And so light's flash we get to see.

Never is someone among us unaccompanied;
He comes along, and having been with will get seen.
With joy of life by just His grace,
Forward only do we gaze.

For looking backward there's no opportunity;
Fear and shame forgotten, a song just His we sing.
What in hand we have received, with us we have kept;
On goal's journey, it's allowance for expense, that only.

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  1. Not only does He march with us, but He takes the lead. Whatever assets we may have are just to facilitate an assigned task.