Sunday, December 19, 2021

My kingdom for a speck of grace

(2120)  Sharada shukla nishiithe

On an autumn night, bright and clear,
In solitude I've wanted Thee.
This wish, my Dear, can be fulfilled,
By a tiny smidgen of Your kindness.
I've not force, not the strength,
Hence, candidly, I go on begging grace;
There is no claim that's worthy.

When the way was obstructed, oh Store of Compassion,
Both You gave: the constraint and salvation.
Under Your protection through mantra's magic,
Upon Your avenue I will proceed.

In the hands of humankind, so little is there;
The universe has moved by Your mercy.
Oh, a speck of compassion, he who has received,
In this world, he has gotten everything.

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  1. In my late stage of life, this I can safely say: A speck of divine grace outweighs everything.