Saturday, November 13, 2021

Your path is an inner journey

(2083)  Ami deshe deshe anek ghurechi

Enough have I rambled from place to place;
Yourself having sought, I did not attain.
Sufficient scripture-study have I made;
But intuition I could not awake.

All my intellect and learning is only by Your mercy;
By Your grace success and fortune I achieve.
A bloom will flower in the desert if You but wish it to be,
And it will make the earth filled with a scent that is sweet.

We are all of us Your ball to play with;
We go on working in the dreamland of Your will.
If Your path get lost, ourselves we miss,
In an instant with dust we get mixed.

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  1. Only looking inward may I find the key that unlocks me and reveals Thee.