Friday, November 5, 2021

A cruel game?

(2075)  Tomare bhevechi bahu dure ami

From You I've thought that I am very distant;
But You're near, so very near, I never imagined.
I've journeyed to holy sites in forest and on mountain;
But searching everywhere, I did not discover.

Hey my Deity, You've gone on making liila;
Seeing me race about, You have grinned.
Getting exhausted, when to ground I've fallen,
Right then You lifted up.

Staying within mind, everything You've witnessed;
You have kept watch over all of my filthiness.
With many a beating, inferno to ignite,
You neglected not to purify.

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  1. Amusing Himself, of me He may make fun; but He also lifts me up.