Thursday, November 11, 2021

Wanting the Unknowable

(2081)  Niirava rate canderi sathe

On a silent night in only moon's company,
I have wanted You at my cozy dwelling;
Just one time please do look and see me.
At a life mine only, with a song Thine only,
Like a flood tide, fierce and frenzied,
Just one time please do look and see me.

I've no right in any way;
I pray, I don't state a claim.
But zealous mind heeds no restraint;
It simply yearns for Thee.

This my ambition is without limit;
On gaining Infinity, it will be fully accomplished.
Earth keeps on dancing to this wish and its attainment
At a lovers' tryst that can't be conceived.

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  1. I want earnestly to be with Thee, but only You can make it happen.