Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Why so secret, why so transient?

(2080)  Kon sonalii prahare suradhara dhare

At some golden moment[1] along the flow of melody,
You had come; does anybody know it?
Mind You intoxicated, heart You made replete;
Unbeknown to all You lavished perfect consciousness.

So many a season has gone by subsequently;
So much stream of water has merged into the sea.
Smiled and been shed have gone blooms aplenty,
Subject to no reckoning, mixed with time's abyss.

Since that same moment,[2] I am expectant;
I have kept on counting the minutes, the seconds.[3]
Wounded by fatigue, I've gotten prone to slumber;
My mental agony, does anyone fathom it?

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  1. About Your coming there should be much fanfare, and Your stay should last forever.