Monday, August 22, 2016

This chaste vessel

(596)  Madhura anane manera kanane

With kindly countenance, into my mind's garden
Please come on silent feet, my Dearest Darling.
In a habitat of flowers, with cheerful heart,
To tempo, beat, and melody, my song I will sing.

Due to You alone, my hope endures;
Age after age, to that I cling.
Seeking You, at my core churned,
A nectar cup I've kept brimming.
Place Your lips on this chaste vessel,
And drink from it like bee from flower.

I don't get dry, swept by desert storms;
In burning sands, life itself is succulent.
From thunder's roar and angry downpour,
New-bloomed greenery is never stricken.
Alert by day and sleepless at night,
Dispelling gloom, I've kept my flame alight.

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