Saturday, August 13, 2016

Lord of time

(587)  Nutan chande tumi metechile

In a new rhythm You'd gotten absorbed,
Constructing the cosmos by an awesome sport.
With floral scent and celestial stream,
You filled up the world by some sorcery.

Oh Lord, how did it even come to happen,
And was it likely to be for a singular entity?
Maybe with herbs and creepers in flower garden;
With solitary petal, whence comes the speed?
The One becomes many, in the many is that One;
And so it goes on, largely in this fashion.

In only Your rhythm each and every second,
Our reckoning of time, it dances along.
All our sensation of space and form,
It's driven to surface in just that rhythm.
In only that rhythm dancing constantly,
Seeking ambrosia we chase infinity,
Sweetly smeared by import unending.

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  1. We cannot help but hear and respond to His beating the drum of time.