Sunday, August 21, 2016

Was it a dream?

(595)  Madhura svapane mrdula carane

In a lovely dream, with footsteps mild,
You have come into my mind.
Filling my eyes with fresh floral design,
You have come into my mind.

Then, flowers were dispensing pollen's honey;
And birds were singing rehearsed melodies.
The love-sick, spurning all ties worldly,
Rushed forth dancing on way to Thee.

In a gentle breeze, with potent memories,
Love overflowing, tenderly pleasing,
I cast off drowsiness energetically;
Your anklets were rhythmically jingling.

With cuckoo's dulcet notes in garden mine,
You have come into my mind.

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  1. Awake or asleep, His presence is exhilarating. Through dreams, He awakens us.