Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Why I worship Thee

(590)  Aso na jao na kabhu

You never come, You never leave;
You were, You are, You will remain.
Held in Your mind securely,
Seven worlds[1] are filled with joyous cosmic play.

A billion years ago, those who lived—
In Your eternity, even now they still exist;
They have lingered on.
A billion years ahead, those who will arrive—
They will never perish.
Enthralling everybody, You are smiling;
That is why I kiss Your feet.

A billion light-years hence, those afar—
Even they are never lost;
No, they are never lost.
With tuneful notes and beat, song and dance,
They reside inside of Thee.
You've rescued them, binding with love;
That is why I bow down at Your feet.

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