Friday, August 19, 2016

On distant sky

(593)  Dur ambare prabhata samiire

On the distant sky, o'er the morning breeze,
Mid a fest of light, You stand unique.
Ever treading my path abstractedly,
New states are seen in Your company.

Flooding both banks, a river current
Rushes upstream with ardent devotion.
Heart-winning sweetness is descending;
In Your love a recluse feels complete.
Invitation dispatched from depth of mind,
With white sandal[1] is it piously inscribed.

Strewn about are streaks of light
Inside jeweled rooms of every mind.
Confidentially, heart's harp is playing
Honey-coated tunes unknowingly.

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  1. Mysticism is a path traveled by many but known to just one.