Friday, March 6, 2015

Your flute

(247)  Bhara badale tumi esechile, esechile prabhu sure sure

Showering rain You came;
You came with melody upon melody.
Out of pride, I kept silent;
And You went far away—
Far away, Lord, far away.

Today, having come closer, sit by my side;
Linger in my meditation with Your tender smiles.
Ego-free, I ever sing;
To Your tunes, the flute sounds—
The flute sounds, Lord; the flute sounds.

With the jingling ring of Your ankle bells
My mind has become overflowing—
Overflowing, Lord, overflowing.

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  1. This is a second successive song about Krsna, both beginning with the same first line. Both have the a similar melody and rhythm. The first song mostly contemplates the Krsna of 3,500 years back. The second song brings us into the present with Krsna's return and His impact on the singer (Krsna's flute).