Monday, March 16, 2015


(254)  Mana bhese jay sajala haoyay

Mind goes on floating in the damp breeze,
Smeared with fragrance of magnolia.
The unknown lover, He is all the sweetness of life.
Fervently, I summon Him.

Why does He remain far afield;
Why does He not come near?
Oh why does He not gaze at me;
Why does He dance at a distance?
In His cadence and song, I go toward Him,
Who has kept Himself concealed.

No, no, no, He is not far away;
He is the one who loves me best.
In fortune and misfortune, He stays by my side;
Keeping out of sight, He smiles tenderly.
Though unknown, He is not unfamiliar;
About His liila, there's no more to grasp.

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