Friday, May 14, 2021

An offer I could not refuse

(1905)  Chinu unmana kena jani na

I don't see the reason why I'd been anxious;
Who is He, the mind-thief, that infatuated me?
Silently and secretly, on a night in autumn,
Having come stealthily, He had known everything.

Never did I want to relinquish my mind;
Encircling the mind were delusional desires.
In the mind was a yoke of Mayic ties,
But knowing everything was He Who had produced that Liila.

He did not want much, but He left with everything,
My very sense of "I", the liqueur of living!
Ringed by formlessness, a body blossoming,
The mind's subtlety, He defeated with eternity.

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  1. He made me choose between utter defeat and complete victory.