Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Truth will overcome

(1909)  Tumi ektu kache eso

Come You a tad close-by,
And also laugh for a while.
My penance upon the new moons,
I know You'll contrive to remove...
Come You with the moon a mere slice.

I know the new-moon night is not without an end,
However many slanders come and go in hundreds.
This ghastly dark ocean of dismal ignorance
Will get cast aside with a bowed head...
You have liking only for the light.

I won't admit defeat, no, not in the least;
I will simply remain clinging to Yourself only.
Whatever anyone may say, whoever he may be,
I will remain with a smile bright and pure...
You are my source and also my closure.

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  1. I can and will weather the storm; there's naught to lose but false conception.