Tuesday, October 17, 2023

A little kindness please

(2794)  Madira aveshe kusuma suvase

With the heady allure in a floral fragrance,
Come, please come... come with love-dense ideation.
With lips dyed and with heaps of elegance,
Smile, do smile... smile in a succulent form.

I have sought You, Dear, afar at great distance;
Ankle-bells I did not hear, I did not catch a glance.
Today, please give in to mind's looking glass;
Kindly do not keep even a trace of indecision.

On a restless wind with a rhythmic resonance,
On crest and trough in ringing notes pleasant,
At mind's niche impervious, with jingle of cognizance,
Kindly rise in new and imposing splendor.

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