Friday, August 30, 2019

Lord of my dreams

(144)  Eso dhiire dhiire carana phele

Come with steps slow and gentle
Into my mind's depths.
Many bolts I've unfastened,
Hearty welcome to extend.

Like a wounded bird, daytime, it passes by;
Twilight, with sweet magic, it draws nigh.
Bearing evening's lantern, come inside,
Having made four quarters bright.

My life sways in Your heart's cradle;
My mind revels in Your sorcery melodic.
Oh it is reveling...
In sorcery melodic, lo, mind is reveling;
Oh, it is reveling.

You are in the south wind, in the sweet dream,
Each and every region surrounding...
You are in the southern breeze.

You are in the lamp of life, in heart's kadam tree,
Everything of mine suffusing...
Oh You are suffusing;
Lo, everything of mine You are suffusing.

Come with steps slow and gentle
Into core of my heart ...
Come with steps slow and gentle.

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