Saturday, August 17, 2019

If it be Your will

(132)  Janmatithite nutaner srote

On my birthday,[1] in the stream of novelty,
Light of the new may I achieve.
Lord of Rhythm's skill in prosody,
Filled with new thought, I would receive.

What You'll grant, with two hands I will accept it;
What You'll say, in heart's core I will maintain it.
This Your life, to You alone I will give;
With Your name, let me get frantic.

The tender shoot has become leaf;
It has filled up with a reddish green.
With new power, new ability,
I want to get busy serving everybody.

No longer will I sing a song of hopelessness.
I will never deem existence as a burden.
In myriad rhythms, with sweet jubilation,
May I go on conveying Your message.

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